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ABILITY Registration Assurance

Accurate patient data from the start

Save time and eliminate guesswork by verifying each patient’s registration information – including identity, address, insurance and benefits – in one workflow and one system.

Validate and augment patient registrations in real time

Accurate patient data

Validate patient registrations upfront to reduce claims denials and avoid reimbursement delays.

Timesaving workflow

A simpler verification process gives front-end staff more time to ensure the quality of each patient record.

Automated insurance discovery

Find more coverage with an average insurance identification hit rate of 39.7%1 on uninsured accounts.

ABILITY Registration Assurance

Discover the workflow difference when you automate critical patient registration processes. Finish the registration process faster, with the confidence that your data is accurate and complete.

  • One system, one login, one dashboard to manage registration information
  • Verify most patient registrations in under 2 minutes
  • Automate patient address and ID verification
  • Validate and augment eligibility and coverage information with traditional and insurance discovery searches
  • Get actionable alerts when corrections or updates are needed
  • Mitigate reimbursement risks and reduce claims denials
How fast can this module verify patient information?

Under 2 minutes! All it takes to verify patient demographics, coverage and eligibility is a few clicks and inputting information. Once that is complete, results come back in real time.

What if some patient information is missing?

Not all the fields in the inquiry form are required, but the more information that can be shared, the more accurate the results will be.

What if some patient information is incorrect?

As part of the inquiry response, this application will flag any incorrect patient demographic or coverage information.

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  • 1Inovalon internal reporting, July 2022. Individual results may vary.
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